CLEP Exams

One Stop administers CLEP (College Level Examination Program) tests. Students who pass CLEP exams in courses which have Methodist University equivalents will be given college credit. Students are required to schedule testing times with the One Stop team in advance before taking a CLEP test. A fee of $100 must be paid to the Student Accounts Office prior to taking the CLEP and a fee of $89, payable to the Educational Testing Service, will be required before taking the CLEP exam. Payment methods for ETS must be check, money order, or credit card. Follow this link to set up a CLEP test and see the link below to view the list of CLEP Exams accepted by Methodist University.


Certain DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-traditional Education Support) exams are accepted by Methodist University; however, DANTES exams are not administered through the Methodist University Testing Center. For information about DANTES exams accepted at Methodist University, contact Keri Walters, Assistant Provost for Transfer Initiatives, at

Challenge Examinations

Some Methodist University courses can be challenged by passing a validating examination. A request to take a challenge examination must be addressed to the appropriate department chair, who will make the final determination as to whether a specific course qualifies. Satisfactory performance on the validating examination earns degree credit on a pass-fail basis. The fee is $200 to sit for the challenge examination. Any student who takes a challenge examination for a course and fails the challenge examination, must wait a minimum six months before retaking the challenge examination for that course. In addition, the student must pay the challenge examination fee again.

Students need to check with the respective department chair about scheduling an appointment to take the challenge exam. The challenge exam fee must be paid at the Student Accounts Office prior to taking the exam.

ACTFL Proficiency Assessments & Certifications

Click this link to view and register for the language proficiency assessments. Language proficiency is an invaluable skill for individuals worldwide. With ACTFL assessments, you can test and demonstrate your speaking, writing, reading, and listening proficiency in a language in the interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes of communication.

Differing from an achievement test, which measures knowledge of specific information (what a person knows), a proficiency test targets what an individual can do with what they know.


Diana Garcia, M.S.

Coordinator, Student Access & Accommodation Services
Diana Garcia