Course Description

English 1010 (3 credits) introduces students to and focuses on the development of critical reading, composing, thinking, and listening. This course is grounded in the understanding of texts and discourses with a rhetorical focus. This course does not center on traditional essay forms but may include them. Students might compose in public facing, popular, and scholarly genres.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students in Composition will engage the following learning outcomes across each of the course units, major assignments, and low-stakes work:

  • Develop some dexterity with rhetorical concepts by composing in genres that address distinct communities and that pay rhetorical attention to multiple purposes, audiences, modes, situations, and contexts.
  • Learn how to both critically and generatively read, interpret, evaluate, and respond to texts across multiple genres, modalities, and knowledge traditions
  • Build responsive strategies for reading, drafting, attributing, reviewing, collaborating, revising, rewriting, rereading, and editing.
  • Understand and apply writing as a learning tool in service of student goals.
  • Grow an awareness of varying conventions in language usage, style, and structure as appropriate to the author, audience, modes, and rhetorical context, including AAVE, Spanglish, and other linguistic forms outside of Standard White English (SWE).

Sample Syllabus

ENG 1010 Composition Sample Syllabus