Robert J. Chaffin Building

The Professional Nursing Studies program is housed in the Chaffin Building on Joe Stout View Drive on the Methodist University Campus. The Chaffin Building contains classrooms, an auditorium, faculty and staff offices, study spaces, a student lounge, and most importantly, the General Simulation Hospital.

General Simulation Hospital

The MU General Simulation Hospital is comprised of an admitting/discharge area; pharmacy; a CEO/CNO office; case conference room; skills lab; two Nurses stations; four private hospital rooms including critical care, trauma, med/surg and labor and delivery rooms; a pediatric ward; nursery; and a triage suite. Within the hospital, students provide care to simulated patients – an infant, a six-year-old boy, an expectant mother, and three adults, creating the real-life scenario of managing multiple patients simultaneously. The “patients” are life-sized, computerized manikins that can speak and breathe, have heart and lung sounds, and can progress through a multitude of medical states from birth to death.

The entire Hospital is connected by forty-one ceiling-mounted 360 and zoom cameras for audiovisual playback teaching/learning opportunities with live observation capability from any computer in the building. This system integrates simulators, skills trainers, and standardized patient programs to help create, deliver, assess, evaluate, and manage all aspects of learning.

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Jennifer Caviness, B.S.

Admissions Coordinator, Nursing; Academic & Career Advisor
Jennifer Caviness