Current University tuition and fees may be found on the MU Financial Aid web site.

Students who are accepted into the Nursing Program will have additional program costs. These costs, listed below, are estimates subject to change and are provided to help students financially plan for participation in the Program. In addition to the costs listed below, students are also responsible for their own transportation to and from clinical sites.

When will the costs occur? What do the costs cover? What is the cost?
During the application process to the Nursing Program Kaplan Entrance Exam $0
Criminal Background check, Drug Test, & Immunization Tracker $120 initially; $28 per year afterwards
Immunizations & Medical Exam $0 – $400 Varies
CPR Healthcare Certification $50
Junior Nursing Year Laptop (REQUIRED) $250 – $1000 Varies
Textbooks $1200
Nursing Technology/Lab Fee ($550 per semester) $1100
Uniforms/Shoes/Lab Coat $200
Medical Supply Kit $175
Stethoscope $30 – $100 Varies
Senior Nursing Year Nursing Technology/Lab Fee ($550 per semester) $1100
Textbooks $700
White Uniform for Pinning Ceremony

May include: Nursing Cap, white shoes and socks, and either white scrub top, white scrub bottom, or white dress.

$40 – $150 Varies
Sitting fee for Composite Picture $38
NCLEX-RN Application $200
Criminal Background check required by NCBON ($38 LiveScan + $12 fingerprint fee) $50
NCBON Licensure Application Fee $75