Dr. Matthew Foreman with students

Research & Scholarship

The MU OTD Program values an evidence-based and theory-driven approach for clinical decision making in the development of a contemporary, authentic clinician. Inherently this requires active engagement in scholarly inquiry. As such, our curriculum has a capstone research component that emphasizes a deliberate and collaborative effort between faculty and students to enhance the body of knowledge for the profession of occupational therapy and/or the delivery of occupational therapy education.

The MU OTD Program faculty believe that the theoretical underpinnings supporting the program’s curriculum are also in alignment with the profession’s vision for the future of occupational therapy practice as intended in the AOTA Vision 2025 and AOTA’s Centennial Vision.

Faculty Scholarship

OTD Program faculty pursue scholarly research agendas that work in tandem with the capstone research conducted by students, helping foster their growth as evidence-based clinicians.

Student Research

OTD Program students have an opportunity to present their research at the Occupational Therapy Student Scholarship Symposium, held annually during Research & Creativity Week in April.