Porsha Morgan “I like the way occupational therapy looks holistically at the individual and seeks to help them reach their full potential given a new circumstance. You can tell that the professors have the belief that anything is possible, for the individual, for our program, and in the profession. It feels great to get up every day and work heartily for others and for the Lord.”

—Porsha Morgan, OTD Class of 2021

Elizabeth White “When I came to Methodist University, the building and the people in it made me feel at home. Methodist, to me, feels like a family.”

—Elizabeth White, OTD Class of 2021

Tyler Marinelli “I chose Methodist University because I felt the faculty had an interest in my well-being as an individual and my growth as a student. During my time in the OTD program, I have had the opportunity to pursue my own interest in Occupational Therapy and to develop a passion and appreciation for numerous other practice areas that I initially knew little about. The knowledge, skills, and abilities I developed at Methodist have helped me to grow in confidence and to know that I will find success in the future as an Occupational Therapist.”

—Tyler Marinelli, OTD Class of 2022

Katelyn Del Angel “I chose MUOTD because of how welcomed and at home I felt after visiting the Health Sciences building for my interview. Knowing that it was the only doctorate program in NC and located so close to Fort Liberty where my husband works was an added incentive. The program provides great opportunity to gain competence and hands-on experience from a dedicated faculty and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a career as an occupational therapist!”

—Katelyn Del Angel, OTD Class of 2022

BrieAnn Avery “I am overjoyed about helping people achieve their optimal capability. The MU faculty backgrounds and experiences are outstanding examples of how the OT profession is multi-faceted for diverse settings and populations. The MU faculty and students have become family because we work as a team to empower people of all ages and abilities to do the things they want and need to do in their everyday lives.”

—BrieAnn Avery, OTD Class of 2023