Psychology Dr. Mark Kline

Psychology Curriculum Requirements


The Psychology major consists of 41 credits distributed as follows:

Required Core Courses

16 credits

*PHI 2130 Argument and Inference (3) PSY 3550 Experimental Psychology (4)
*PSY 1010 General Psychology (3) PSY 4850 Research Seminar (3)
*PSY 2500 Statistics for Psychology (3)  

*Course must be successfully completed with a final grade of C or better.

Limited Electives

Select four courses (12 credits) from the following course list:

PSY 2040 Lifespan Development (3) PSY 3850 Special Topics in Psychology (3)
PSY 3400 Physiological Psychology (3) PSY 3950 Memory and Cognition (3)
PSY 3610 Social Psychology (3) PSY 4050 Theories of Personality (3)
PSY 3700 Perception (3) PSY 4310 Principles of Learning


Select 13 credit hours of PSY electives. Additional major courses not selected from the list above may be used to fulfill this requirement.

Optional Concentrations

The following optional professional concentrations are available in the Psychology major. Click below for the curriculum requirements:

Minor Requirements

PSY 1010 General Psychology (3) and an additional 12 credits of PSY courses.