The following transfer guides are available for students transferring from Sandhills Community College into a Methodist University program.

  • Accounting
    Sandhills: A.A.S. in Accounting
    Methodist: B.A.S. in Accounting
  • Business Administration
    Sandhills: A.A.S. in Business Administration
    Methodist: B.A.S. in Business Administration
  • Computer Information Technology
    Sandhills: A.A.S. in Computer Programming & Development
    Methodist: B.S. in Computer Information Technology with a concentration in Interactive Multimedia Application Development
  • Criminal Justice
    Sandhills: A.A.S. in Criminal Justice Technology
    Methodist: B.S. in Criminal Justice
  • Engineering
    Sandhills: A.E. in Engineering
    Methodist: B.S. in Engineering
  • Exercise & Sport Science
    Sandhills: A.A.S. in Health & Fitness Science
    Methodist: B.S. in Exercise & Sport Science
  • Forensic Science
    Sandhills: A.A.S. in Criminal Justice Technology Forensic Science
    Methodist: B.S. in Forensic Science
  • Nursing
    Sandhills: A.A.S. in University Studies
    Methodist: B.S.N. (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)