Student Athletic Training Association

Student Athletic Trainer at work


The Methodist University Student Athletic Training Association (MUSATA) is a University recognized organization. MUSATA is dedicated to promoting and encouraging higher scholastic achievement and professional development in the study of athletic training. MUSATA provides information about nationally recognized organizations and associations such as the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), North Carolina Athletic Training Association (NCATA), National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

MUSATA encourages professional growth and development by providing financial support to students attending state, district, or national conventions and symposiums. Funding to support these AT students is made available from MUSATA sponsored fundraising events and the student organization office of Methodist University.

Mission Statement

  1. Provide recognition for Methodist University Athletic Training throughout the Physical Education and Exercise Science Department, the University, the community, and the country.
  2. Offer members with equal opportunities in gaining higher education, experience, and knowledge in the field of athletic training.
  3. Recruit students of all ages to continue the growth and prosperity of the Athletic Training Education Program at Methodist University.
  4. Present a forum for members to discuss and debate topics related to athletic training.
  5. Provide members with an equal opportunity to explore a variety of allied health professions including athletic training.
  6. Assist in the recovery of Methodist University student-athletes by implementing the domains of athletic training.
  7. Aid in education and preparation of athletic training students for graduate school and/or a professional career in exercise or sport science and other allied health professions.
  8. Educate students in achieving personal growth and program goals through teamwork and experience.


  • Each member must be either a student athletic trainer accepted into the Methodist University Athletic Training Program, or be a student intending to apply for admission in the same year.
  • Membership dues for ATP students are $20 each academic year. Dues for those applying are $10 per academic year. Dues will not be refunded if membership is terminated for any reason.
  • Every member must maintain a 2.5 GPA in order to remain in the Organization. If for any reason, any members GPA drops below 2.5, they will be put on probation. After a semester if the GPA is not pulled up, membership will be terminated.
  • Students with 24 semester hours at METHODIST UNIVERSITY are eligible to run for office within the Organization.
  • Elections are held at the last meeting of the spring semester.
  • Nominations are made prior to this meeting, and voted on by secret ballot. Those winning the majority of the votes will be inducted into office for the following academic year. Offices are held for a full academic year.
  • Any officer not performing their duties will be asked to relinquish their position and a new officer will be elected as described above.
  • Committees will be formed to work on various projects throughout the year.
  • Each committee will nominate a chairperson who will be responsible for reporting to the officers and other members, and for making sure that the committees task is accomplished. Each member is expected to attend every meeting. Exceptions are made for team members or student athletic trainers who are participating in an athletic practice or competition.
  • Each member is also expected to participate in all functions of the association.
  • All proposals for projects are to be made during meetings and will be voted upon by all members.