Return to Work/Staffing

The University returned to full operation effective June 1, 2021. Full operation means that all faculty and staff are expected to be on campus with a physical presence, under their regular work schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the guidance set by Health Services using the isolation and quarantine chart.  If you are a full-time employee, you may use COVID-19 sick leave if applicable.  Please refer to the temporary COVID-19 Leave policy for specific details.

You should report it to your supervisor or Human Resources immediately.  You can likely expect to be sent home.  If you are a supervisor, and receive a report of an ill employee at work, please contact Human Resources for consultation and refer to HR guidance regarding sending ill employees home under the Expectations of Supervisors section.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

EAP assists employees (and students) with personal challenges that are affecting physical and mental health, relationships, and/or your job/academic effectiveness.  It’s designed to assist in achieving emotional and mental well-being.  There are no costs associated with participating in this service and use of the service is confidential.  Services are provided through Cape Fear Valley Health.  See further details: Employee Assistance Program.

To schedule an appointment, please contact: (910) 615-1733.

Center for Personal Development:

Visit the Center for Personal Development’s website for more information and resources to offer support, manage stress and enhance your resiliency.

To schedule an appointment, please call (910) 630-7150 or schedule online through the website.

Questions? Contact us at, our dedicated email address for COVID-19 communications.

COVID Sick Leave

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the University has had a temporary COVID-19 Sick Leave Policy providing paid time off to full time employees independent of the University’s regular sick leave policy to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  The University has modified the temporary COVID-19 sick leave policy effective January 10, 2022 and all full time employees COVID Sick leave will be refreshed in Paycom to comply with the new policy.  COVID Sick leave will be given to full time employees as paid time off for up to eight (8) working days (64 hours) if an employee tests positive and is required to isolate per applicable CDC guidance, if an employee is required to quarantine due to exposure per applicable CDC guidance or if an employee is caring for dependent children who test positive or are required to quarantine.

Questions? Contact us at, our dedicated email address for COVID-19 communications.

Expectations of Supervisors

  • Be familiar with the COVID policies and guidelines from the Health Center regarding isolation and/or quarantine in order to provide appropriate direction to employees.
  • Encourage employees to make common sense decisions related to their health and the health of others to avoid the spread of illness. Encourage employees to stay home if ill.
    • Reminder: medical and health information is private; do not ask about employees medical conditions. If employees do share their medical or other health information, you have an obligation to protect that information and not share it with others.
  • Ill employees at work:
    • Supervisors have the responsibility to maintain a safe work environment while complying with all federal laws to apply policies and practices that are fair and consistent which includes addressing employees if they were to come to work sick.

Reporting & Self-Monitoring


All employees must report COVID diagnosis to their supervisor and MU Human Resources or MU Health Center.  Employees must follow the isolation guidelines per the CDC and as designated by MU Health Center which can be found here.  If you had no symptoms, you can end isolation after day 5; if you had symptoms, you can end isolation after day 5 if you are fever free for 24 hours (without use of fever reducing medication) and your symptoms are improving.  If you had a more severe illness, such as hospitalization, you must receive a clearance from your health care provided to return.

It is important for individuals who were exposed and develop symptoms to stay home or leave work immediately and get tested. All faculty and staff are encouraged to seek COVID evaluation or testing through their healthcare provider or by visiting a COVID testing center. There are many testing locations in the community. To find available COVID testing sites throughout North Carolina, click here.


All employees should be vigilant and self-monitor for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, seek medical care as necessary and communicate absence related to illness with your supervisor.  For employees coming into the office/campus, continue to social distance and practice good hygiene, and stay home if you are sick.  Follow the guidance provided on the MU Forward Together website: Forward Together: Health & Wellness Information – Methodist University for symptom monitoring and do not report to work if you have any COVID-19 symptoms and seek advice from the MU Health Center or your healthcare provider.

Questions? Contact us at, our dedicated email address for COVID-19 communications.

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