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This page has been designed to share community news concerning COVID-19 testing.

Important Reminders

While masks are not mandatory on campus, know that wearing your mask in the presence of others and being fully vaccinated still remain the best forms of protection against COVID-19. Please continue to be respectful of others’ decision to mask – no mask shaming – as protecting yourself and those around you with masks remains highly encouraged.

As we continue to monitor cases on campus – and each of us should be carefully self-monitoring for symptoms each day – we also remain flexible and will adapt as necessary. Requirements and procedures could change at any time if we see a spike in cases.

If you have questions, please reach out to our COVID-19 Response Team at forward@methodist.edu.

When to Test

Students, faculty, and staff need to test only if they have come in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 or if they are showing symptoms. Please view the Isolation section of this site – including the step-by-step Guidelines Chart for procedures.

Individuals should find their own tests (either at a testing location in the community or an at-home test), not seek tests from MU Health Services. Some testing opportunities are listed below.

How Do I Know if It Is COVID-19 or Allergies?

COVID-19 vs. Allergies Symptoms Chart

What if I Test Positive?

Please see this flow chart and follow these protocols:

Staff, Faculty, On-Campus Graduate & Undergraduate Commuter Students

  1. Alert your personal physician.
  2. Do not come leave your residence/come to campus.
  3. Be sure to email MU Health Services immediately at muhc@methodist.edu.
  4. Be sure to observe guidelines on our Isolation page.
  5. Let Health Services know if you had a previous positive test (within the past 90 days) and submit those test results via email if you have them. If you don’t have them, please just report the date and type of test. This is valuable information for us to help keep you and campus as safe as possible.
  6. Students, please see the additional All Students procedure below.

Staff & Faculty

Communicate immediately for your return-to-campus strategy.

  1. Staff: Inform your direct supervisor that you have had a positive test, provide your anticipated date of return, and discuss approval of plans for a return to campus.
  2. Faculty: Inform your department chair and dean that you have had a positive test, provide your anticipated date of return, and share plans for remote work.

All Students

On-Campus Graduate and Undergraduate Students (Residential and Commuting) must notify each of your faculty members (and CC pellis@methodist.edu – Executive Assistant to the Provost – on each message) as quickly as possible to arrange for remote instruction/participation in courses during the isolation period. Your message to faculty should include the projected return-to-class date.

Testing Opportunities

Free COVID-19 tests are available to every home in the U.S. (with orders shipping in 7-12 days) via links on the covidtests.gov web page. Links are also available for local resources here. Be sure to check with your local Health Department, also. As an example, the Cumberland County Health Department recently announced they have home test kits available, but at a limited quantity. Another link that is helpful is Find My Testing Place.

Local pharmacies now have COVID-19 at-home tests in stock, and many major medical insurance plans cover the cost of purchasing at-home tests. Ask your pharmacist to check to see what coverage your health insurance plan offers for COVID-19 at-home tests.