The COVID vaccine is not mandatory for MU students, faculty or staff. This requirement in no way lessons our resolve to be as safe as we can while being as fully open as we can on this campus. We remain vigilant and continue to recommend COVID vaccination

As we continue to follow CDC, DHHS, and local health department guidance, it’s very important that everyone understands that the volatility of this disease could require immediate changes in protocol at any time.

While the COVID vaccination is not mandatory on campus, there are other state-required vaccines that remain mandatory.

As the policy stands, there is no necessity for students, faculty or staff to submit vaccine exemption requests, and employee leave policies remain the same. Though not required, knowing the percentage of individuals on campus who are vaccinated is valuable information in determining future protocol and students can share that information via their student portal, while faculty/staff (who haven’t done so already) can share via Paycom.

Vaccination Requirements for Off-Campus Experiences

Students should check with their program advisors as COVID vaccinations may be necessary for particular off-campus experiences, such as internships, practicums, field experiences, and/or clinical placements.

Recommended FDA-Authorized Vaccines

FDA-authorized vaccines are Pfizer-BioNTech (two shots), Johnson & Johnson (one shot), and Moderna (two shots).

Reporting Vaccination & Booster Status

Reporting vaccination and booster status is not required at this time. It is highly recommended to report vaccination and booster status as it provides Methodist University with valuable information concerning the community as a whole.

Students may sign into their myMU Portal and then click this proof of vaccination link. Faculty and staff may use Paycom (under Documents) to upload documentation, present their physical documents to HR, or email them to


Vaccination is not required for campus visitors, including overnight guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

FDA-authorized vaccines are Pfizer-BioNTech (two shots), Johnson & Johnson (one shot), and Moderna (two shots).

Scroll to the last section on this page for an updated list of locations (local, regional, state, and national).

Visit the web page, links are available for local resources, and check with your local Health Department. Another helpful link is Find My Testing Place.

Local pharmacies now have COVID-19 at-home tests in stock, and many major medical insurance plans cover the cost of purchasing at-home tests. Ask your pharmacist to check to see what coverage your health insurance plan offers for COVID-19 at-home tests.

This link is a good source for detailed information from the CDC.

Vaccination Locations

Availability subject to change.

Other Regional Vaccination Opportunities

This site will be updated with new opportunities as the vaccine rollout continues.

Cape Fear Valley Health is currently offering vaccinations for anyone 16 and older. CFVH is requiring appointments for everyone seeking their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, so please do not delay. Details on sites, hours, how to sign up, and other specifics are included on this link:

Cumberland County Department of Public Health:

In addition, here are links to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services vaccine locator ( and to the Cumberland County Health Department for vaccines (

Note: Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian present.

Find a Vaccination Location

For information about where to get the COVID vaccine, please see below links for the most up to date information in the community: