Forward Together: Booster Clinic at MU

MU To Host Vaccine Booster Clinic

In our continued effort to keep our campus community as safe as possible while being as open as possible, Methodist University has arranged for a free COVID-19 vaccine booster clinic to be held on campus March 21. The clinic – open only to current students, faculty, and staff – will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and held at the Alumni Dining Room in the Berns Student Center.

To receive a booster, individuals must bring an insurance card, previous COVID vaccination cards (or picture proof) and an ID. Pfizer and Moderna boosters will be administered and our partner with the clinic, Wal-Mart Health & Wellness Program, will also have flu vaccines as well as tetanus, hepatitis a and b, pneumonia, and shingles immunizations.

Once you get your booster, you should upload that documentation as soon as possible (directions are on the Vaccinations page of this site).

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:   

Q: How long after my last vaccine shot should I wait before I can get a booster?

A: You should wait at least five months after the primary series if you received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. If you received the one-time J&J vaccine, you should get a Pfizer or Moderna booster two months after your initial shot. 

Q: What if I’ve already received a booster shot, do I get another? If so, how long after the first booster?

A: A fourth (second booster) is not recommended at this time. 

Q: Is this clinic just for boosters, or can I get a first or second vaccination?

A: Opportunity for initial Pfizer or Moderna vaccinations will be available. 

Q: Is there an attestation form I need to fill out before coming to the clinic?

A: No. Walmart Health & Wellness will provide such at the clinic. 

Q: Can I get a flu shot without insurance? Is there a fee?

A: Yes. The fee is $44.92  

Attendance at the clinic to receive a booster is an excused absence from class. Please be sure to communicate well with your instructors.

For additional questions about the clinic – or MU’s COVID-19 protocols and requirements – please email