Time Commitments

Joining any organization will require time commitment which students should consider before joining. Becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority will require a few time commitments. You can expect your student to attend weekly chapter meetings, along with scheduled service projects, leadership programs and social activities throughout the semester. It is up to the student to create a balanced schedule of events.

Financial Obligation

Each chapter has their own costs associated with the organization so the cost will vary between chapters. Chapter dues may range from $300 to $1,000 per semester and will include different activities, events and payment to the national organization. The student should reach out to the organization to ask for a complete breakdown of costs.


Methodist University is a dry campus and does not support the involvement of alcohol at campus events or on university property.

Pledging & Hazing

Each organization has a new member education program where students will learn the history, tradition, values and expectations of their organization. Hazing in any form is not accepted at Methodist University or among any of the local chapters on campus.

If you have concerns about that hazing may be occurring, please contact the Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life or submit an anonymous hazing report form found on the webpage.

Fraternity Houses/Sorority Houses

Fraternity and sorority houses provide students a home away from home and create a bond of brotherhood/sisterhood unlike any other. The chapter houses are run as residence halls on campus. Ever chapter has a resident assistant living in the house to serve as a resource for the chapter and to ensure University policies are followed who are trained by the Office of Housing and Residence Life. All chapter houses in the Greek Village are completely alcohol and substance free. Each house has a full kitchen, study room, large living room and laundry room located inside the house. Methodist University Fraternity and Sorority Life does not recognize any off-campus houses.

Fraternity & Sorority Oversight

Fraternities and sororities are a part of a national organization, which means they have a governance structure that includes multiple local and national alumni and volunteers who help support the local chapters. The Campus Engagement Office acknowledges and supports these chapters through continued support and guidance to create an overall supportive experience for students. The Director of the Campus Engagement Office is a full time staff member of the University who works closely with the chapters to provide guidance and continued support of the chapters. For any questions or concerns please contact Alysia Magras at amagras@methodist.edu or 910.630.7022.

How You Can Help

You should take an active interest in your student wanting to join an organization and take interest in their fraternity/sorority membership, just as you would with an academic program or other organization. You can help them make good decisions by listening and offering advice. You can help them make the most of their membership by asking questions and staying engaged through their time as a member.