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Student Affairs Policies

The Student Conduct Process

The student conduct process outlines the steps involved in examining and adjudicating reports of Student Code of Conduct violations.

Restorative Justice

In certain cases, misconduct has a significant impact on others in the community. Rather than using traditional adversarial procedures asserting authority over a student who caused harm, restorative processes may be utilized to give the impacted parties greater voice in the resolution.

General Guidelines

General Information about evidence, jurisdiction, authority, and more.

Accused Student Rights

Students whose conduct is under review based on an alleged violation of the Code of Conduct have certain rights.

Good Samaritan/Medical Amnesty Policy

Every Methodist University student is expected to exercise personal responsibility for their own health and safety, and every Methodist student has a responsibility to care for one another; therefore, this policy has been designed to save lives, and also applies to individual students who seek help for another student in need.

No Contact Orders

Methodist University offers No Contact Orders to individuals of the community who seek to avoid contact with another individual.

Silent Witness Program

Community members who have information or knowledge with regard to criminal or illegal activity may anonymously report that information through the Silent Witness program. Submissions should be made through the Web site below.

Student Organization Policies

Methodist University is committed to creating and sustaining a campus learning environment where students can immerse themselves in the dynamic student engagement activities provided to enhance the educational experience beyond the classroom.

Definitions of Prohibited Contact

Maintaining a high quality of life in our community is very important to us. Read more below and visit the links referenced in the policy.

Conduct System

Any member of the Methodist University community may file a written complaint of alleged violations with the Sr. Associate Dean of Students, the campus conduct officer. The Sr. Associate Dean of Students has the right to collect additional information and further investigate the alleged violations.

Additional Information about Drugs & Alcohol

The possession or consumption of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited on the Methodist University campus regardless of one’s age. Methodist University also prohibits the use, possession, and/or the distribution /sale of illegal drugs.

Hearing Bodies

The Student Community Court adjudicates minor violations that are not likely to result in suspension or expulsion, when responsibility is not freely admitted and/or there is dispute of evidence.

Appeal Process

Appeals for conduct cases that are adjudicated by the Student Community Court will be reviewed by the Dean of Students. Appeals for conduct cases that are adjudicated by Residence Life staff will be reviewed by the Student Community Court. Appeals for conduct cases that are adjudicated by the Vice President of Student Affairs, Senior Associate Dean of Students, or Administrative Hearing Board will be reviewed by the Appeal Board.

Conduct Sanctions

Sanctions are applied and enforced at the time the student is found responsible. These penalties are not absolutes and may be amended to benefit students in particular situations.