Marty Silverthorne
2017 Poetry Chapbook Contest Winner
Naming the Scars
Marty Silverthorne
2017 Contest Winner

Marty Silverthorne earned degrees from St Andrews Presbyterian College and East Carolina University. He received the Bunn-McClelland Chapbook Award in 1985, Sam Ragan Award of Extraordinary Contributions to the Fine Arts of North Carolina in 1993, the Persephone Press Award in 1997, and won the NCPS Poet Laureate award in 2015. He has received numerous regional arts grants from NC Arts and a NC Arts Fellowship. He has authored six chapbooks: Holy Ghosts of of Whiskey, Ten Poems by Marty Silverthorne, Rewinding at 40, No Welfare No Pension Plan, Pot Liquor Promises, and Dry Skin Messiah. His poems have also been published in NCLR, Tar River Poetry, Pembroke Magazine, St Andrews Review, and many others.


I could not count myself to sleep.
Chessie sang a trembling music,
entered my body like a kiln.
Engine red with heat pulled
out of the depot with the freight
of a fractured life, rocked
deeper into the past, rolled
by my liver swollen like a stone.

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© 2017 Marty Silverthorne

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