Category A

Includes items whose purchase does NOT require approval prior to the purchase and therefore may be purchased using a P-Card. Please see the list of these items below.

Items that DO NOT require prior approval and MAY be purchased with the P-card:

Wireless Mouse (IT should be notified if a wireless mouse is being purchased)
Keyboards (IT should be notified if a wireless keyboard is being purchased)
USB Thumb Drives
Power Strips
Recordable Media: Any type of CD’s, and DVD’s
External Speakers
Networking Data Cables

Category B

Items that are technology-related (as described below under Category B) must be approved through Jenzabar prior to a commitment to purchase. Once the purchase is entered into Jenzabar, it will be routed electronically to IT for approval/denial. Payment for these purchases will be made using a Corporate Card which should be requested when a requisition is entered in Jenzabar. Payment and/or support for purchases which are not properly approved may be denied.

Items which must have approval from Information Technology PRIOR to the commitment to purchase:

TVs, VCRs, DVD players
ALL software and hardware including laptops and desktops
Tablets, IPADS
Internal or External Hard Drives
All monitors
Optical Drives: CD/CD-RW, DVD/DVD-RW both internal or external
Thin Client Devices
Smartboard devices
projection devices
All servers
All printers
Memory of any kind
Computer Processors
Computer Motherboards
Video Cards
Computer Power Supplies
Network Interface Cards: internal and external
Network fiber optic cable
Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)
Video Cables: VGA, SVGA, HDMI, DVI
Switches: keyboard, mouse, and video (KVM)
Hubs, USB, Ethernet
All switches
All routers
ALL wireless access points IO
Cards: PCI, IDE, Parallel RJ45
Wall jacks and faceplates
Cables: cable splitters, mini-din, null modem, printer cables, SCSI, Serial ATA
cables Relay racks: standing or wall mounted
Patch panels
Fiber connections: multimode of single-mode: SFP, GBICs, ST, SC, MT, LC connectors
Fiber termination racks, converters, or connectors
Fiber patch cords
Wireless Microphones

Please note: Failure to follow the Technology Purchase Policy may result in revocation of card privileges and may require personal reimbursement to university