JerNettie Burney, MS

JerNettie Burney

B.S., Elizabeth City State University; M.S., University of Indiana at Bloomington


JerNettie Burney graduated from Elizabeth City State University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. She obtained her masters’ from Indiana University-Bloomington in Human-Computer Interaction and design.

Much of her interest in research stemmed from the competitiveness in her master’s program, which required students to be fluid in problem discovery, critical thinking, and innovative solutions. As a result, she is interested in creating technologies in interdisciplinary fields. Technology utilization has become an integral part of any discipline’s daily routine and those in the computer science field must work with practitioners to design and implement technologies which can lead to greater solutions.

JerNettie believes that everyone who works in the technology field needs to have flexibility. Working with computers means essentially working with different backgrounds, personalities, and cultures to create the optimal product. Though skills are major assets, skill without knowledge of the targeted group or area will not produce an effective solution. Through research, social interactions, and iterative designing, a product can become an essential part of a user’s daily life in the long term. Usability is a must.

Some of JerNettie’s favorite hobbies are reading books, playing logic games, writing, and watching movies.