Jeanne Julian
2015 Poetry Chapbook Contest Winner
Blossom and Loss
Jeanne Julian
2015 Contest Winner

Finley Bullard Evans was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. She is the author of a memoir, Two of Em In There: A Southern Writer’s Journey to and Through the First Year of Twin Motherhood, and a poetry chapbook, Third Girl. She divides her time unevenly and joyfully between writing poetry, spending time with her husband and twin sons, Max and Harry (age 11), and attempting to manage the well-being of their household, which also includes their two dogs, Thelma Lou and Fife.



That winter, acute cold worked
its legerdemain, and we left earth
without flying, sustained
by ice thick as a loaf, cloudless as vodka.
Your careful skating etched
a figure eight, a lorgnette
shaped like infinity, disclosing
each stone (hidden in the river’s sleeve
in other, furtive seasons) arrayed
below our blades, distinctly.

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© 2015 Jeanne Julian

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