Grade Appeal Policy

Should a student choose to challenge a grade in a course, the student must complete the Methodist University Grade Appeal process detailed below before the end of the semester following receipt of a grade for the course (summers excluded). This procedure is specific to grade appeals, not general policy concerns.

The grading and evaluation policies outlined in the course syllabus form the basis for resolution of all grade grievances. Every attempt should be made to resolve an academic grievance through consultations between the student and the instructor or among the student, instructor, and the department chair/division head. If these consultations fail to resolve the grievance, the appeal procedure detailed below is available to students. Appeal procedures require written documentation. All documents must be dated.

A grade grievance occurs when a student protests a grade awarded on the final grade roster. The grievance must be filed before the end of the semester following receipt of a grade for the course (summers excluded).

  • Every grade grievance must be submitted in writing by the student to the instructor who awarded the grade. The student must copy the department chair/division head when the original grievance is submitted to the instructor.
  • The instructor will respond in writing to the student and copy the department chair/division head.
  • If the response from the instructor is not satisfactory to the student, a written petition of appeal to the department chair must be submitted.
  • The chair/division head will respond to the student’s petition of appeal in writing, copying the instructor.
  • If the decision of the chair/division head is unsatisfactory to the student, they may appeal to the dean of the appropriate college.
  • The dean will respond to the student’s petition of appeal in writing, copying the instructor and the department chair/division head.
  • If the student considers the matter unresolved at that point, they may, with the assistance of their advisor, appeal to the Academic Standards Committee of the University, which will review the documentation and determine a resolution. The Academic Standards Committee may request additional information from the student and/or instructor involved.
  • The decision of the Academic Standards Committee is final and cannot be appealed.

Student Grievances

Any student who feels that he/she has been unduly wronged or unfairly treated by a member of the University faculty, administration, or staff may appeal to have his/her grievance heard through the following processes. This procedure does not apply in situations involving grade appeals (process detailed above) or student code of conduct issues. A separate procedure has been developed for those cases.

Academic Complaints

Academic grievances or complaints aside from grade appeals should be directed to the department chair/division head and/or the dean of the college via this online form.

Non-Academic Complaints

Student complaints related to areas outside of academic departments should be reported to the appropriate department supervisor or vice president for the area via this online form.

Discrimination or Harassment

Methodist University does not tolerate discrimination or harassment. Additional information is available at Student Affairs Policies. Complaints or questions related to non-discrimination policies and complaint procedures should be directed to:

Matthew K. DempsterDirector of Institutional Compliance and Title IX
Horner Administration Building
5400 Ramsey Street
Fayetteville, NC 28311
Telephone: 910.630.7558
Fax: 910.630.7306

Other Complaints

Students should make full use of all Methodist University established processes to resolve complaints. On occasion, a student may believe that s/he cannot resolve their concern through these processes. In that event, the student has the option to contact either the Consumer Affairs Division part of the North Carolina Department of Justice, or the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), which is the regional accrediting body of Methodist University.

SACSCOC is at 1866 Southern Ln., Decatur, GA 30030-4097, or call 404.679.4500.

As an NC-SARA and SARA NC member institution, MU Online students can also use the SARA-NC complaint process.