Below are some frequently asked questions from students concerning Access & Accommodation Services:

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need to go through the process again every semester. If you are already registered with SAAS, when you register for classes the next semester, you will simply email our office with your final course schedule, identify which course you want the accommodation letter to go out to, and request the accommodation letter be sent out.

If students receive a new diagnosis after their intake appointment, they will need to provide documentation of the new diagnosis to SAAS. Once received, the student would need to schedule an accommodation review appointment. SAAS staff will then add any necessary accommodations to the student’s profile and accommodation letter.

Yes! SAAS can help students with temporary accommodations for surgeries, medical treatments, broken limbs, concussion and more. Students would register for temporary accommodations by completing the online student information sheet and providing documentation of the injury, surgery, etc. SAAS will then complete an intake appointment with the student and make sure to get them set up with any accommodations they may need while recovering.

Students who are not receiving accommodations will need to first reach out as soon as possible to their professor/instructor by email and see if a the situation can be resolved. If the professor/instructor is unresponsive, or students are not satisfied with the answer they receive, they will need to contact SAAS by email with the course name, professor name, and details of any communication they have had with the professor/instructor. This will grant the SAAS Office the permission it needs to advocate on the student’s behalf.