Degree Type:
Bachelor’s Degree
Mode of Study:
On Campus

In the B.A. in Communication and Media, students will develop knowledge of the theories and practices of communication, rhetoric, and media production. Students will develop critical media literacies and technical skills to communicate in and across various modalities, media formats, and platforms. Students will also develop competencies for effective interpersonal, organizational, professional, public, political, and intercultural communication. The required courses and electives within this degree plan reflect the broad nature of these fields, allowing students to specialize in specific or emerging areas.

Common Career Paths

Students graduating with a B.A. in Communication and Media will be able to pursue careers in the following:

  • communications directors
  • speech writers
  • technical writers
  • editors
  • content developers
  • content managers
  • user experience researchers
  • communications consultant
  • journalists
  • broadcasters (e.g., radio, tv, podcast)
  • public policy advocates

Common Salary Ranges for Graduates

As mentioned above, there’s a long list of career opportunities for those with a Mass Communications degree. But, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average annual salary for the following positions (which may require additional education) in North Carolina in 2021:

  • Marketing specialist: $71,510
  • Public relations specialist: $69,670
  • Journalist: $53,580
  • Event planner: $53,330
  • Editor: $76,400
  • Social and community service manager: $69,480
  • Media and communication worker: $50,820
  • Writer and author: $60,910

Average Tuition Cost

The average cost for an incoming residential freshman to attend MU is less than $18,000 – similar to the cost of attending one of the big-box public schools, but with the enhanced value of a highly-regarded private school with a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

While tuition varies, depending on a student’s financial aid package, it’s important to know that the average financial award for an incoming residential freshman at MU is more than $34,000.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

More than 97% of MU students receive some form of financial aid, with the University offering more than $24 million annually to students for scholarships. If a student is active military, family of active military, or a veteran, they may also qualify for MU’s military education benefits.

Program Goals & Outcomes

Students majoring in Communication and Media will be able to

  1. Apply theories of communication and media studies to understand the role of social practice, globalization, economic interests, politics, and technological development in shaping communicative practice and discourses
  2. Display critical media literacies necessary to be informed consumers and producers of information, both in the workforce and in society, more broadly.
  3. Advise on and strategically plan communication for changing media technological environments with attention to ethical and legal concerns; resources; intrinsic and extrinsic pressures; culture; professional conventions for branding, style, and framing; and audience, partner, collaborators
  4. Engage research practices that integrate multiple voices and perspectives to plan, create, and communicate with audiences, partners and collaborators
  5. Display competency in the technical and communicative skills needed to enter the professional job market and the ever-changing field of media practice, more broadly

Interested in Methodist University’s Communication & Media program?

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Steven Corbett, Ph.D.

Head, Communication, Composition & Rhetoric Division; Associate Professor of Composition & Rhetoric; Writing Program Administrator
Dr. Steven Corbett