In partnership with Campbell University School of Law, Methodist University offers undergraduate students the 3+3 program. Under the program, students can spend their first three years completing required coursework in nearly any major offered at Methodist University. Then, they are eligible to participate in Campbell University’s School of Law admissions test. If accepted, students can spend their fourth year completing coursework for their bachelor’s degree at Methodist University while starting their first year of law school at Campbell University.

What are the benefits?

Traditionally, students interested in law school must complete four years of coursework for their bachelor’s degree and then spend an additional three years towards their Juris Doctor. With the 3+3 program, you can complete both tasks in six years instead of seven years. Not only does this save students time in the process, but this allows them to save tuition as well.

How do I get started?

To participate in the program, students must meet directly with Wendy Vonnegut, Director of the Legal Studies program at Methodist University.