Traditional Pathway

This pathway will require candidates to possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university (degree in any field) or be in the senior year of undergraduate study. A completed bachelor’s degree will be required prior to enrollment in the OTD Program, as evidenced by a final official college/university transcript. An overall grade point average (for both undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate study) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is recommended.

Traditional pathway applicants will be scored on admissions criteria as described in the admissions process.

Health Sciences Pathway

The Methodist University Health Sciences Pathway will provide academically qualified Methodist University undergraduate students the opportunity to enhance their undergraduate study through a unique connection to the University’s clinical doctoral program in occupational therapy. The pathway will challenge the Methodist University candidate academically in preparation for the exclusive opportunity of preferential consideration for admission into the OTD Program upon successful completion of a Methodist University bachelor degree.

This pathway is open to all Methodist University students in the following majors: biology, chemistry, exercise science, kinesiology, and psychology. Interested students may elect this pathway by contacting their advisor.

In addition to the courses that are required as part of the bachelor degrees in the candidate’s chosen field of study, the student applying for admission through this pathway will also be required to complete the same prerequisite courses as candidates applying through the Traditional Pathway.

Applicants applying through the Health Sciences Pathway will be scored on the same admissions criteria as described in the admissions process. However, these candidates will be guaranteed an interview opportunity for a place in the program’s entering class by meeting the minimum qualifications outlined.

With a solid interview and application file (as determined by OTD Program faculty), the Health Sciences Pathway students will be offered first opportunity to join the entering class for the doctoral program. While not a guarantee of admission, the Health Sciences Pathway provides preferred applicant status, which is extremely beneficial in competitive admissions environments.

Early Decision

The Early Decision process is designed for candidates from any university who are highly qualified for admissions to the Methodist University OTD program and have made the program their top choice school. This process allows for candidates to apply, interview, and receive an admissions decision prior to the review of applications during the regular application period. Early Decision candidates must meet the same admissions eligibility requirements as outlined in the Admissions Procedures.

To be competitive for Early Decision admission, the OTD program suggests that candidates have one or more of the following criteria in their application:

  • An Overall GPA (determined by OTCAS) and Prerequisite GPA (determined by the program) higher than the 3.0 minimum requirement
  • More than the 50 required hours of occupational therapy-related observation experience or professional exploration activities
  • At least 4 of the 5 required prerequisite courses completed at the time of application
  • Two or more experience sections completed in the OTCAS application (i.e. Employment, Volunteer/Community Enrichment, Leadership, etc.) This is not a requirement for admissions but is considered to strengthen a candidate’s Profile Admissions Score for all applicants. This is an optional section on the OTCAS application.

If an applicant meets the deadlines and eligibility requirements for admission to the OTD program but is not offered an interview or seat in the Early Decision process, the applicant will automatically be considered through the Regular Admission process. Early Decision candidates who are moved to the Regular Admissions category will not have to interview again.

Candidates accepted into the Methodist University OTD program through the Early Decision process are expected to accept the offer of admission and enroll into the program. The candidate is expected to withdraw any applications already made to other programs. If the candidate’s top choice for OT school is not the Methodist University OTD program, the candidate is encouraged to apply through regular admissions as there will be limited Early Decision seats available.