All applicants to the Methodist University PA Program must apply through the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA). The MUPAP does not utilize a supplemental application. The program has ONE start date each year, which is mid-August. CASPA opening dates and deadlines for the MUPAP are below. Note, applications must be e-submitted, complete and verified by CASPA by the January 15th deadline. No deadline extensions will be granted.

Entry Date  CASPA Opening Date   Deadline
August 2025 April 25, 2024 January 15, 2025
August 2026 Late-April 2025 January 15, 2026
August 2027 Late-April 2026* January 15, 2027**
August 2028 Late-April 2027* January 15, 2028**

*Opening dates are TBD. However, previous trends have shown the opening date to fall during the last week of April.

**Subject to change.

Application tips

  • Review CASPA’s FAQ page to familiarize yourself with the application process, terminology, application stages, grade entry, GPA calculations, etc.
  • Review the “Calculating Your CASPA GPAs” page for more information about how GPAs are calculated by CASPA. The MUPAP will use CASPA GPA calculations for all areas (overall, science, post-bacc, graduate, subjects, etc.), except for the prerequisite GPA.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to complete the application. The average applicant will spend twenty hours or more completing the CASPA application. The verification process will take up to four weeks. Starting early will allow you to resolve any problems that may arise so that you are not at risk of missing deadlines.
  • If applicable and to ensure the program is aware of your plans to complete outstanding prerequisites, be sure to list any planned or in-progress coursework on your application before submitting for verification Applicants who have outstanding prerequisite coursework at the time of application will still be considered for an interview and acceptance. However, acceptance into the program will be contingent upon successful completion of the coursework by the program’s start date. The program does not waive prerequisite coursework requirements.
  • The MUPAP does not review an application until it is in a “verified” status. Applicants should log on to CASPA at least once weekly to reference the application status and to ensure there are no missing items that would hold up the verification process.  Letters of recommendation and official transcripts are common items that can hold up the verification process.

Documents that need to be submitted to CASPA