Medical Core Prerequisite Course List


Course Credit Requirement
Microbiology with lab 4 credits
Anatomy and Physiology with lab* 8 credits
1 additional animal/human Biology course** 3 credits
Organic Chemistry I with lab*** 4 credits
Biochemistry*** 3 credits
Statistics 3 credits
1 semester of Psychology 3 credits
Medical Terminology**** 1 semester

*Anatomy and Physiology I & II with labs, or 4 credits of Anatomy and 4 credits of Physiology are acceptable ways to fulfill this requirement. 

**Genetics is recommended, but other examples of additional Biology courses that will fulfill the requirement: Principles/Foundations of Biology I and II, Cell Biology, Cell Physiology, Molecular Biology, Medical Microbiology, etc. Courses in ecology, nutrition or physical education will not fulfill this requirement

***Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry may not be combined into one course. 

****Applicants must receive a grade or Pass/Fail credit for Medical Terminology. CME credit or a certificate in Medical Terminology is not acceptable.

Requirements/FAQs about coursework: Applicants can make application to the program, be interviewed, and accepted if there are coursework deficiencies. However, to be admissible, applicants must be in progress or have a plan in place to complete coursework deficiencies by the program’s start date in mid-August. If the applicant is accepted to the program, any prerequisite courses that are outstanding at the time of acceptance must be completed with a B- or higher.

No substitutions for coursework will be accepted.

There are no time restrictions on prerequisite coursework, but if courses like Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Medical Terminology were taken more than five years ago it is recommended to consider retaking the course(s) as a refresher.

Any course with a letter grade of C- or below must be retaken to count. Lectures and labs for the sciences are not averaged together.

To benefit the applicant upon matriculation and to make an application more competitive, it is highly recommended coursework be taken at a four-year regionally accredited college or university and in person.

COVID-19 Announcement Regarding Physician Assistant Prerequisites

The year of 2020 was a unparalleled time in American history that affected the delivery of higher education throughout the United States. To those applicants who have had to complete prerequisites during the challenges the nation dealt with during the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that you may have been forced to transition to online classes and/or will receive a ‘pass/fail’ option for grading once instruction moved to a distance education format. Historically, our policy has been that we do not accept ‘pass/fail’ grades for prerequisite coursework, with the exception of the Medical Terminology requirement, and prefer to see our prerequisites taken in the classroom, rather than online. We do realize that the academic year of 2020 was a unique time in education, and we are willing to have flexibility. The Methodist University PA Program has agreed that we will allow prerequisites graded as ‘pass/fail’ and will relax the in-the-classroom vs. online preference for prerequisites. This policy modification applies only to courses taken during the academic year of 2020. The program will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation for possible adjustments to our prerequisites for future application cycles.

There are two personal statements that are a part of the CASPA application: 1-A statement addressing “Why you want to be a PA?,” which is required, and 2- A “COVID-19 Essay,” which is optional. The COVID-19 Essay is an opportunity for applicants to disclose any hardships (financial, health, education, family, etc.) that may have been faced during this time. If a COVID-19 Essay is not submitted, the program will not hold it against the applicant. Read more here about writing a personal statement.