The Methodist University Physician Assistant Program (MUPAP) values the qualities veterans bring to our program, Methodist University, and the PA profession. The following are frequently asked questions or topics typically discussed with veterans or soon-to-be veterans.

May I enroll in the PA Program while on active duty?

No. Active duty members will not be able to complete the program while serving.

I would like to serve in the Reserves. Is it possible to be a reservist and complete the program?

Yes, we have reservists in our program. Their service requires occasional weekends that result in missing minimal class time. The student is allowed to miss class to attend the required weekend provided he/she has made arrangements, in advance, with the program’s didactic and clinical coordinators. The student is responsible for the course information missed.

I am a few years out from getting out of the service. What should I do to plan for the PA Program?

  • If you have not completed a bachelor’s degree, you must have a plan to complete a degree, in addition to the required prerequisite coursework for the program.  Although a specific major is not required or preferred, if a student has done minimal college work, he/she may consider majoring in Biology or Chemistry.  Both majors allow for the majority of MUPAP required prerequisite coursework to be taken within the planned curriculum and would require a limited number of courses (sometimes none) to be taken outside of the curriculum to meet requirements.
  • If you have completed a bachelor’s degree, determine what courses are needed to complete the program’s required prerequisite coursework or what courses may need to be retaken due to low grades or time. If assistance is needed determining these courses, prospective students may email unofficial transcripts to Jennifer Mish at
  • Complete 1,000 hours of clinical experience.
  • Prospective applicants are encouraged to avoid online coursework, especially for the required prerequisite coursework.

I want to take classes and/or complete my bachelor’s degree at MU. What do I do?

Prospective students may complete both a degree and/or the prerequisite courses required for the program at Methodist University. In either case, applicants must apply through the undergraduate Office of Admissions.  In the event a bachelor’s degree is needed and acceptance to the university is granted, the applicant will be assigned an academic advisor who will help determine when the degree and coursework will be completed.

If you have completed your degree and are only in need of the prerequisite courses, one will need to apply via undergraduate admissions as a “Special Student” or non-degree seeking student.  A “special student letter” from the PA program that outlines deficient coursework will have to be completed and provided to the applicant, admissions, financial aid, advising, and veteran services. To receive this letter, students should send an email with unofficial transcripts attached (if they have not already been provided to the admissions office) to Jennifer Mish at The program will ensure the letter will be emailed to the appropriate offices. This letter does not guarantee acceptance.

For prospective students at Fort Liberty, visit the Fort Liberty Office at the Liberty Training and Education Center (LTEC), B Wing, Room 103, 4520 Knox Street, Ft. Liberty 28310. For prospective students who would like to visit the Office of Admissions on main campus, please call 910.630.7027 to schedule an appointment with a counselor and to speak with our Veteran Services Office.

I am an 18Delta and completed the SOCM course as a part of my training.  Will the courses I have taken through the SOCM program count towards the prerequisites?

Yes. Beginning with the 2024-25 application cycle as a part of the Special Operations Combat Medic agreement, the MUPAP will consider the prerequisites of Microbiology with lab, 8 semester hours of Anatomy and Physiology, and Medical Terminology to be fulfilled if the medic has completed the SOCM course.

Is documentation of my hours as a medic required?

No. Like other applicants, official documentation of hours is not required. Applicants who have years of experience and deployments as a medic are asked to estimate the number of hours completed over a period of time.  All applicants are required to provide a description, time frame of when hours were completed (month/year), supervisor contact information, and title of the position on the application.

Does Methodist University and the PA Program participate in the Yellow Ribbon (YR) Program?

Yes.  There are a limited number of YR opportunities available each year for PA students who are veterans. Additionally, the program’s participation and the number of available spots in the YR program are determined annually.

Is there a veteran’s office on campus that will assist me with me with answering questions about my benefits and help with paperwork?

Yes. Our Office of Veteran Services is open M-F 8 am- 5 pm and is located in Stout Hall (building #14 on the campus map). Contact Randy Smith, Director of Veteran Services at or 910.630.7174. For information about educational benefits, contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Processing Office in Atlanta, GA at (888) GI BILL 1 888.442.4551]. Additional questions may be directed to Jennifer Mish at