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Student Financial Services supports the overall mission of Methodist University by providing quality service and knowledgeable assistance to the Monarch community in support of financing their Methodist education. We strive to provide Signature Service in a professional, effective manner and help resolve any questions that families may have with personalized service. We are available to help navigate the aid application, financial aid offer, billing statement and tuition payments, monthly payment plans, and financial literacy resources.

Complete Your Fall Bill Clearance Form!

Submit your Bill Clearance Form by certain dates to meet deadlines for financial aid priority awarding and for a chance to win the following prizes: A 10% discount on tuition, $200 in Monarch Dollars, or a $50 Bookstore gift card.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will access your Student Account information through the myMU Portal. You must be logged into the portal to view detailed information on your finances.

Parents can have access only for purposes of making payment on the account. See Adding an Authorized Payer – Nelnet  for instructions.

FERPA is the Federal Education Rights to Privacy Act. This protects the student’s academic, disciplinary, employment, housing, and financial information from being provided to unauthorized individuals. The student can log into the Registration tab and click the FERPA link located in the upper left corner. The student then selects the specific areas and individuals to grant access to receiving information. The student must share the passcode created with those selected individuals, as Student Financial Services will require the FERPA passcode to provide detailed financial information via telephone or via an outside email address.

Your tuition charge is based on the number of credit hours for which you are currently enrolled. Full-time tuition allows you to take between 12 and 18 credit hours of main campus classes. Hours greater than 18 will be charged at the overload rate. To be considered a full-time student you must take a minimum of 12 hours to receive your financial aid and to be eligible to participate in NCAA sports. To graduate within four (4) years and ensure that you do not run out of financial aid, the ideal schedule is 15 semester hours. This will ensure that you receive the maximum financial aid possible, especially for North Carolina residents. If you plan to enroll in fewer than 12 semester hours of main campus classes, please contact Student Financial Services for a revised billing statement indicating less than full time day.

Students living in a standard residence hall (Cumberland, Sanford, Garber, Weaver, Pearce, West, or North) can choose between the All-Access Plan which allows for unlimited meals at our Dining Hall or the Green and Gold plan, which offers 12 meals per week.  Students have through the second week of the semester to change their meal plan, by logging into their myMU Portal, selecting the Student Home tab, and selecting Housing and Residence Life.

Students living in the apartment style housing (The Village, Cape Fear Commons, and McLean) are automatically enrolled in a Block meal plan. If a student would like to increase their meal plan to either an All-Access or Green and Gold plan, please contact Student Financial Services. Students can increase their meal plan but cannot decrease their meal plan. Please check our Comprehensive Fees page for the updated cost.

Students can also purchase Monarch Dollars at any time throughout the semester. Monarch Dollars purchased separately are non-refundable. Please contact us via email if you would like to purchase additional Monarch Dollars.

Email communications will be sent to your Methodist Student email account for any missing document(s) that pertain to your financial aid awards. Missing document information will also be available on the Financial Aid tab of your student portal. Your Financial Aid Award Notification can now be signed electronically through your myMU Portal. Please review all notifications for changes. Please contact Kellie (910.630.7192) or Amber (910.630.7193) in our Student Financial Services office with questions.

You can register your vehicle and pay for your permit by logging onto your myMU Portal and selecting the Student ID & Parking Pass link in the Student Home tab. Select the type of registration you need. Select Payment Required and complete the payment form. You will receive an email confirmation if your payment is successful. Be sure to take that receipt to our Public Safety Office as proof of payment when you pick up your parking permit. If you have a pending credit on your student bill, you may elect to have a portion of your credit to cover the cost of your parking permit. Please note that you will still need to obtain a receipt from Student Financial Services to provide to Public Safety, indicating that the permit will be charged against your pending student account credit.

Methodist University has partnered with Follett Higher Education Group to provide our students with cost-effective options when obtaining books for the semester. If you have excess Financial Aid, contact Student Financial Services to request the availability to charge course materials to your student account. Book slips are uploaded to the student account weekly. The dates of availability for your book slip are located on the Student Accounts tab of your myMU Portal.

If you are enrolled in courses that have course materials made available digitally, the fees for the course materials will be charged to your student account after the op-out period is ended. Please check your emails from Follett as to the opt-out deadline each semester.

The first step is to have your pre-registered classes certified by the University Veteran Services (VA) Office. Our VA representatives will review and certify your classes and available VA funding. This pertains to students receiving any military benefit (Post 9/11 Chapter 33, VR&E Chapter 31, & Chapter 35) except Military Tuition Assistance. The Veteran Services Office is located in Stout Hall. Once your classes have been certified, the Veteran Services Office will send notification to the Student Financial Services for review of the benefit statements and financial clearance. An associate will contact the student with any questions. All VA Students are required to complete the Bill Clearance Form on the myMU Portal in addition to having the classes certified by the VA Office.

Yes. All students using any form of military benefit (except Military Tuition Assistance) must have their classes certified by the Veteran Services (VA) Office.

Active-duty students using Military Tuition Assistance (MTA) must contact our Fort Liberty Office at 910.482.5428 or visit the campus located at the Liberty Training and Education Center (LTEC), 4520 Knox Street, B Wing, Room 103. University associates at Fort Liberty will assist you in using your Army IgnitED portal and answer any questions you have about MTA. Please note that Chapter 33 benefits and classes are certified at the VA Office on the main campus.

Our undergraduate main campus students must submit their refund request through their myMU Portal. Once you have submitted the request, you will receive a confirmation copy. An associate will review your request and contact you if there are any issues. If there is a Parent PLUS loan used as a method of payment on a student’s account, the University requires permission of the parent with instructions on how to disburse the funds. Parents must have their student’s Methodist ID number and the FERPA passcode for verification purposes.

MU Online students (undergraduate and graduate) receiving only Federal Title IV funding (Pell grant and Direct Loans), will be issued refunds within 7-14 business days automatically per Federal Title IV requirements. Students do not need to submit a refund request.

MU Graduate students in on-campus programs receiving only Federal Title IV funding will be issued refunds within 7-14 business days automatically per Federal Title IV requirements. The specific program director will notify their students of the exact date of refund. Students do not need to submit a refund request.

Federal Title IV aid cannot be used to pay for items such as books or parking passes without the student authorization. Please complete either the Title IV Authorization – Student or Title IV Authorization – Parent (if a PLUS loan is used as payment) and return via email. If the University does not receive the authorization form, we will process refunds in accordance with the Title IV refund requirements and students may have a balance due once refunded.

Many factors play a part in your financial aid package. Your aid may be decreased for several reasons such as exceeding Cost of Attendance, additional resources awarded, withdrawals, grade change, and/or failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). You should receive notification when changes are made to your financial aid awards. Review any changes carefully and contact Kellie (910.630.7192) or Amber (910.630.7193).

You will need to complete the Official Withdrawal Form, located in your myMU Portal. The University is required to complete your withdrawal application no later than 30 days after receiving the form. A copy of your withdrawal paperwork will be provided to you via U.S. Mail.