Political Science Pre-Law Track

Political Science is a popular pre-law degree, because politics and law go hand-in-hand. The Pre-Law Track is a pathway for Political Science majors interested in law school. These interdisciplinary courses give students an edge when applying to and attending law school. Students who begin law school after completing these courses will be well-prepared. Although the American Bar Association (ABA) does not recommend specific majors, the ABA recommends students acquire certain core skills, values, and knowledge. The Pre-Law Track fits these recommendations.

Courses suggested for the Pre-Law Track in Political Science:

  • PSC 2010 State and Local Government
  • PSC 3050 Democratic Principles and Theory
  • LAW 3100 Law and the Legal System
  • LAW 3850 U.S. Constitution
  • LAW 2000 Introduction to Law
  • LAW 3200 Legal Research and Writing
  • ENG 3220 Advanced Grammar
  • ENG 3230 Advanced Expository Writing
  • OCL 3700 Persuasion
  • PHI 2200 Moral Philosophy and Ethical Problems
  • Other courses necessary to complete the minor in Legal Studies
  • Other courses necessary to complete the major in Political Science