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Cover of Monarch Review, Vol. 3The Monarch Review showcases the excellent academic and creative skills of Methodist University undergraduate students, and volume three presents an assortment of our diverse interests and achievements. This year’s volume is comprised of eleven research papers, eleven 2D art images, and two musical performances.

Interestingly, all four literature papers explore gender issues, in writings that range from the 14th century Decameron by Boccaccio to a memoir by contemporary writer Terry Tempest Williams. Two papers pertain to the health and well-being of our fellow Monarchs: A group of students presents research and recommendations about instituting a campus-wide tobacco ban, and one explores a brief treatment protocol for students who suffer from PTSD symptoms. In other papers, historical research examines aspects of European politics and culture, and statistical analyses by two political science majors address religion and globalization. The art images range from naturalistic works to surprising and even amusing compositions in a variety of media. And we are happy to offer two wonderful musical performances this year, one featuring the flute and the other the marimba.

Each year, many students courageously submit their work, faculty members sponsor those submissions, student and faculty reviewers thoughtfully offer constructive criticism, and members of the journal’s student staff devote many hours to digesting the reviews, assessing the submitted work, and recommending revisions to meet our publishing standards. I offer sincere gratitude for the contributions of all these individuals and for the indispensable support of MU President Dr. Ben Hancock Jr., Executive Vice President and Academic Dean Dr. Delmas Crisp, Jr., and program directors Dr. Clay Britton (CURC) and Professor Robin Greene (the Writing Center). Most especially, I’d like to thank Baylor Hicks, the managing editor of the Monarch Review, who works tirelessly to produce an impressive journal that reflects MU’s high standards.

Several years ago while in the Trustees Building, I saw colorful flyers that announced the creation of a new academic and creative journal here at MU, and I was so excited. I knew I wanted to submit a paper or two, just to see what would happen. I discovered that I enjoyed the peer review process, which provided feedback that helped me improve my papers. Actually getting some of my pieces published was an additional perk. Later, as a member of the Monarch Review staff, I had the pleasure of learning new skills. Now, as the senior student editor and a graduating senior, I look back on my involvement with this well-regarded journal—and the people who work to produce it—as one of the highlights of my MU Journey. It has been my privilege to play a part in crafting this publication.

Enjoy this volume, and think about what you want to submit to the next issue! May the Monarch Review inspire you to improve and grow…

Best regards,

Cheri D. Molter
Senior Student Editor

Peer-Reviewed Research

Fallen Angels, New Women, and Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing: Modern Stereotypes in the Elizabethan Era (English literature)
Stacy Pifer

Le Donne Forti: Sex, Marriage, and the Expression of Female Agency in Boccaccio’s The Decameron (Italian literature)
Miranda Jade Friel

A Discourse of Domination: Shakespeare’s Falconry Language (English literature)
Cheri Molter

Gender-Specific Relationships with Nature in Terry Tempest Williams’s Refuge (American literature)
Cheri Molter

Determining the Support for a Tobacco-Free Campus at Methodist University (health care administration)
Kartik Sharma, Anthony Fish, Edith Olivarez, Emilie Ingram, Ronnie Hatfield, Aaron O’Neil, Olivia Bundy, Miguel Da Silva Guterres, Thomas Edwards, Donnie Fann, and Ben Gold

Evaluation of the Brief Academic Trauma Intervention for MU Students (psychology)
Melody Allison

The Effect of Loneliness on the Perception and Learning of Negative Words (psychology)
Volha Sviarkaltsava

The Three Major Shifts in Soviet Music During World War II (history/music)
Katlin Harris

Romany Rights in the Balkan Region (political science)
Jetnor Kasmi

Secular America: Why Religion Still Matters in Shaping the Debate (political science)
Jason Deramo

Globalization Among Nations: An Empirical Study (political science)
Manin Keo

Performing Arts

Flute Performance, “Sonata for Flute and Piano, Movement III. Allegro Scherzando” by Otar Taktakishvili—Artist’s Statement, sheet music
Katlin Harris

Marimba Performance, “Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra, Movement 1: Greeting” by Nel Rosauro—Artist’s Statement, sheet music
Hannah Boyles

Juried Artwork

Artists’ Statements—Tracy Raupp and Loreto Oreckinto

Artists’ Statements—Jorge Luis Rivera, Lin Baumeister, and Heather Swenson

"Shades" by Tracey Raupp "Sundays..." by Tracey Raupp
Tracey Raupp
Tracey Raupp

"Spiked" by Tracey Raupp "Obstruction" by Tracey Raupp
Tracey Raupp
Tracey Raupp

"A Different Self-Portrait" by Loreto Oreckinto "My Life" by Loreto Oreckinto
A Different Self-Portrait
Loreto Oreckinto
My Life
Loreto Oreckinto

"Ants Go Marchin'" by Jorge Luis Rivera "The Last Supper" by Jorge Luis Rivera
Ants Go Marchin’
Jorge Luis Rivera
The Last Supper
Jorge Luis Rivera

"Pro Wrestling Beetles" by Jorge Luis Rivera "Motherhood" by Lin Baumeister
Pro Wrestling Beetles
Jorge Luis Rivera
Lin Baumeister

"Odocoileus virginianus Still Life" by Heather Swenson
Odocoileus virginianus Still Life
Heather Swenson

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