The Methodist Academic Achievement Program (MAAP) is a two-semester program for newly enrolled or newly transferred students at Methodist University to offer additional academic support for their success.

Students in the MAAP program must adhere to all the following:

  • Meet with the Student Success Coordinator and develop an academic success plan for the enrolled semester.
  • Meet at least monthly during a semester with the Student Success Coordinator to review and check in on academic progress.
  • Meet with assigned Academic and Career Advisor monthly throughout the semester while MAAP is in effect.
  • Students in MAAP will be automatically enrolled in the Academic Success Canvas Course. They are required to complete the course assignments and meet course deadlines. Successful completion of the course by the end of the semester is required for one to be released from MAAP.


Justin Malloy, M.A.T.

Coordinator, Student Success
Justin Malloy