The following are policies that prospective students should be aware of prior to applying to the program:

Official University Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Students withdrawing from the University during the first week of classes (during the drop/add period) will receive a refund of the refundable amount paid. Students withdrawing from the University will be refunded the following percentages of tuition and room expenses:

  • Week 1: 100%
  • Week 2: 80%
  • Week 3: 60%
  • Week 4: 40%
  • Week 5: 20%
  • After Week 5: No Refund

Students withdrawing from the University or those reducing their course load below a certain level will be subject to a reduction or cancellation of their financial aid. Withdrawing students are subject to refunding of financial aid monies to the sources from which the funding was received, according to the provisions of the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 for calculating the return of unearned Title IV funds. Any remaining funds are returned to the student. For details, contact the Office of Financial Aid. This policy may be found in the Methodist University Graduate Academic Catalog.

Dismissal Refund Policy

Students who are dismissed from the MUPAP for any reason are not eligible to receive a refund of the amount(s) that have been paid to the University.

MUPAP NCAA Sports Policy

Due to the academic and time demands of the Methodist University Physician Assistant Program, student-athletes with remaining eligibility at the time of matriculation into the MU PA Program are prohibited from participating in a NCAA-organized sports team at Methodist University.

COVID-19 Vaccines

Completion of 11 four-week rotations is required of all MUPAP students to successfully complete the program. The program utilizes medical centers and private practices for clinical rotations, which are known to require proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. The opportunity to apply for medical or religious exemptions may or may not be available and/or approved at these sites. Although the COVID-19 vaccine is not required of students to enroll in Methodist University, the MUPAP will not make accommodations for the student if exemptions are denied at clinical facilities, which may result in failure to complete the program or a delayed graduation.

Additional policies are available via the Academic Catalog and Didactic and Clinical Manuals. Didactic and Clinical Manuals are only made available to enrolled students.

Soliciting clinical sites or preceptors: Our accreditors (ARC-PA) and the Methodist University PA Program strictly forbid students from entering into an agreement with any practice site or preceptor. However, students may make suggestions/requests to the clinical department according to current policy for sites and preceptors but are not required to do so. If the student wishes to rotate at a site or with a preceptor with which the program does not have an affiliation agreement, and the clinical coordinator has approved the rotation, it is the student’s responsibility to:

1. Make contact with a physician or PA who is willing to serve as the clinical preceptor.*

2. Obtain a signature on the preceptor interest form indicating the preceptor’s willingness to serve as a preceptor and his/her contact information.*

3. Turn in the preceptor interest form to the clinical support coordinator ensuring that all the relevant information and signatures have been provided.*

4. Complete the above actions well in advance of the expected time of the clinical rotation and no later than the deadline set by the clinical department.*

Student suggested/requested sites and preceptors will be reviewed, evaluated and approved for educational suitability by the program. Any student who willfully enters into an unapproved arrangement for supervised clinical practice, or who refuses to comply with a Methodist University assigned rotation arrangement will be referred to Professional and Academic Standards Committee (PASC).

*These processes/tasks will not take place until the end of the didactic phase, and will not be entertained prior to this timeline.