Students visit the One Stop web site

Methodist University’s One Stop hasn’t been around for long, but it’s already making a big difference in students’ lives.

Methodist University’s One Stop hasn’t been around for long, but it’s already making a big difference in students’ lives.

Thanks to One Stop, the days of students hitting even a small hurdle when trying to find out whom to contact when they need help studying or what class to sign up for is over. That’s because Methodist University officially opened One Stop at Davis Memorial Library in August, providing students a “one-stop” shop for academic support and academic and career advising.

“You simply walk up to the front desk at the library, tell them what you need, and they’ll point you in the direction you need to go. It’s super easy,” said freshman Jamarcus Simmons, a Criminal Justice and Forensic Science major.

Before junior Saleiya Lowery transferred to MU in the fall, she was nervous about figuring out what classes would transfer in and what classes she would need to take. But her worries quickly vanished as soon as she met with Kadejah Horne, an academic and career advisor for One Stop.

A student meets with Academic & Career Advisor Kadejah Horne
A student meets with Academic & Career Advisor Kadejah Horne

“I was used to figuring out everything by myself. But after I met with Ms. Kadejah, I realized the staff here at MU actually cared about me,” said Lowery, a Psychology major who aspires to join MU’s Doctor of Occupational Therapy program in 2024. “I remember her telling me, ‘I can help you. This is what you need to do and these are the classes I’m going to advise you to take.’ She was a really big help to me because I didn’t know anybody here when I started.”

On top of academic advising and class registration assistance, One Stop’s academic and career advisors can provide help with your career, student employment, and internships and experiential learning.

One Stop offers support in finding student employment on campus and can even help with tracking down an internship for academic credit. Then, when a student is ready to their next steps, One Stop can help Monarchs with a job search by helping them with resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews, or even a career assessment.

Methodist University’s One Stop isn’t limited to academic and career advising – it also provides expansive academic support.

For example, if students ever need an extra pair of eyes on an assignment they’re working on or even need someone to walk them through studying strategies, the Monarch Tutoring Center is the perfect spot.

When Simmons was struggling with his Religion class this semester, he visited the Monarch Tutoring Center where a peer tutor stepped in to help.

“The peer tutor helped me learn how to summarize my answers because I tend to write lengthy responses,” Simmons said. “She challenged me to think outside of the box and think about things from different perspectives. It was exactly what I needed at the time.”

Some of the other areas of expertise under One Stop’s academic support includes the Writing Center, Accessibility and Disability Resources, the Academic Success Plan, and Testing.

The professional and student consultants at the Writing Center can assist with any writing project – from academic to professional to creative or even personal writing. The University also provides a wide variety of resources to those with disabilities, ensuring a support and inclusive learning environment. The Academic Success Plan helps students who are on academic probation reach good academic standing. Lastly, any MU student looking to gain course credit through examination can head to One Stop’s testing center.

“As a new student, One Stop has truly been one of the best parts of Methodist University so far,” said Lowery. “It’s a huge advantage for students. Everyone should take advantage of it.”

If you’re interested in One Stop, but you’re still unsure where to begin, visit the front desk at Davis Memorial Library or check out our website to find the resource you’re looking for.