Cover of Monarch Review, Vol. 1Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Monarch Review! From an array of stunning artwork and photographs, to research on the pirates of North Carolina, to a paper that questions our religious paradigms, this journal showcases the talent and dedication of Methodist University’s undergraduate students.

As the senior student editor of the Monarch Review, I’ve had the pleasure of working with gifted students and helping oversee the production of this journal. Each of the ten papers presented here is thoroughly researched, thoughtful, and well-executed. The thirteen pieces of artwork demonstrate our students’ ability to creatively express the world around them.

While I find the contents of the journal exciting, much of my joy comes from seeing one of my dreams come to fruition. I could not have had this experience at another university. Therefore, I am grateful to the university administration, especially to Dr. Ben Hancock, our president, and to Dr. Delmas Crisp, our academic dean. I also want to express special thanks to Ms. Baylor Hicks, JD, coordinator of the Monarch Review and Writing Center consultant, and to Dr. Clay Britton, director of the Center for Undergraduate Research & Creativity, for their leadership and support. Moreover, I’m grateful to the many extraordinary students, faculty, and staff with whom I have worked. Without their support, this journal would not have been possible.

This journal represents the strong academic and creative culture at Methodist University. It has been my pleasure to serve as the senior student editor of this inaugural issue of the Monarch Review.

Perhaps it’s best to let the journal speak for itself. Happy reading!

Miranda Jade Friel
Senior Student Editor

Peer-Reviewed Research

Quantitive Determination of Tetrahydrozoline Levels in Eye Drops (chemistry)
Stephanie Breitenbach

Robert Browning’s Exploration of the Dark Side of Human Nature Through the Dramatic Monologue (English literature)
Celena Brock

Paired-Associate Learning (psychology)
Julissa Corona

Of Drowning Books and Burning Souls: Magic, Minions, Relationships, and Crisis in The Tempest and Dr. Faustus (English literature)
Miranda Jade Friel

Negligence in the Manufacturing and Marketing of Pondimin and Redux by the AHPC (business law)
Fedia Jean-Claude

Public Opinion on Welfare: An Analysis of Survey Data (government studies)
Filip Lazarevic

Colonial North Carolina: A Safe Harbor for Pirates (history)
Cheri Molter

The Subtle Use of Foreshadowing in Their Eyes Were Watching God (American literature)
Cheri Molter

The Role of Eastern Religious Traditions in Society (religion)
Fernando Tevez-Rosales

Production and Determination of Ethanol Content in Samples Treated with Glucose and Candida albicans (chemistry)
Tijana Vasiljevic

Juried Artwork

"Angles" by Tracey Raupp "Arch" by Tracey Raupp
Tracey Raupp
Tracey Raupp
"Wood and Roses" by Tracey Raupp "Chubby Cat" by Doo Lee
Wood and Roses
Tracey Raupp
Chubby Cat
Doo Lee
"Young Man Playing Guitar at Starry Night" by Doo Lee "In a Dream" by Doo Lee
Young Man Playing
Guitar at Starry Night

Doo Lee
In a Dream
Doo Lee
"Apparition" by Filip Lazarevic "Threshold Consciousness" by Filip Lazarevic
Filip Lazarevic
Threshold Consciousness
Filip Lazarevic
"Flammable Feathers" by Michele Jesus da Costa "Dreaming over a Cup of Tea" by Michele Jesus da Costa
Flammable Feathers
Michele Jesus da Costa
Dreaming over a Cup of Tea
Michele Jesus da Costa
"Doo Lee" by Michele Jesus da Costa "Musical Mask" by Michele Jesus da Costa
Doo Lee
Michele Jesus da Costa
Musical Mask
Michele Jesus da Costa
"Contemplating Life" by Michele Jesus da Costa
Contemplating Life
Michele Jesus da Costa

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