Program & Abstracts

Student & Faculty Awards


Applied Communication

  • Persuasion Around Us
    Megan Andrews, Shannon Christie, Michael Forsythe, Makalika Garner, Jerrell Peevy, & Kacie Perusek

Applied Communication: Dynamic Leader-Follower Relationships

  • Addicted to Influence: Building Bridges Across Cultures, Generations, and Socioeconomic Conditions
    Jamie Pendergrass
  • Presidential Transparency: FDR’s Bold Persistent Experimentation to George W. Bush’s Iraq Shortcomings Speech
    Andrew Scogin
  • The Shepherd and the Lamb: A Symbiotic View of Leadership
    Jeremiah Wolbers | Paper | Video Presentation

Applied Communication & Mass Communication

  • Study Abroad: Challenges and Opportunities
    Kseniia Petrova, Catia Dombaxe, Allyson Hays, Mandisa Chabwera, Kalkidan Gebrehiwot, Favour Adejor-Omale, & Siphumelele Njapa
  • Panel Presentation: Reporting Across the World
    Kseniia Petrova, Srdan Colakovic, Rachel Townsend, Metehan Fidan, Jesed Pando, Yana Marchenko, Karma Choki, & Ann Tukari

Computer Science

  • Institute for Sports Science and Wellness Website
    Carolyn Bunce, Lemlem Gebremichele, & Bryson T. Pinkney


  • Reciprocal Walker Ergonomic Analysis
    Keith Hardie & Natasha Ng’ambi
  • Evacuation Modeling from Indoor Areas During a Disaster
    Endashaw Tonja | Presentation Slides
  • Patient Waiting Time in Operating Room
    Mohammed Mahdi & Busani Mhlanga
  • Application of Lean to Reduce Medication Return Errors in Health Care
    Alex Kachler & Thembela Shebangu | Presentation Slides

History: Witches, Tails, and Pointy Hats

  • Salem before the Witch Trials
    Sabrina Nausadis
  • Did African-American Soldiers Have Tails?: A Study of Inequality Overseas in World War II
    Andre M. Emanuel
  • The Klan in the 1920’s: Radical White Supremacists Disguised as Heroes
    Leilani Holt

Interdisciplinary Psychological Perspectives

  • Brief Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Based Interventions for Anxiety in Undergraduates
    Elizabeth Ruth Hall
  • Food Insecurity: Hunger for an Education
    Fredlisha Lansana
  • The Correlation Between a Person’s Race/Ethnicity and the Assessment of a Traffic Stop
    Emilli Rauch
  • Negative Influences on Female Field Hockey Coaches’ Needs Satisfaction and Ability to Meet Athletes’ Needs
    Taylor Jackson | Video Presentation


  • Temperature Model for D. Keith Allison Hall
    Jacob Mireles
  • Graphs, Network Flows, and the 5-Flow Conjecture
    Christian Austin
  • Pascal’s Triangle
    Christian Austin | Poster
  • American Roulette
    Kelby West

Political Science: American Perspectives

  • Sanctuary Cities in the United States: Causal Factors and Variation among the States
    Tomomi Shiotani | Paper | Presentation Slides
  • Attitudes toward Capital Punishment in America: An Analysis of Survey Data
    Tenzin Thinley | Paper | Presentation Slides
  • Understanding the Information Flow During an Election Year
    Kseniia Petrova

Political Science: Global Perspectives

  • Gender Equality and Political Representation: A Global Analysis
    Haja Mohamed Nafe | Paper | Presentation Slides
  • Understanding Environmental Policies in the World: The Role of Citizens and Governments
    Dwayne Green | Paper | Presentation Slides
  • Climate Change: Peace and Conflict
    Mujahed Aghbar

Psychology: Campus Issues

  • A Dog’s Presence in the Reduction of Test Anxiety for Students
    Kiana Lisette Guardado
  • Anxiety and Depression in Relationships
    Paul Kramer
  • Alcohol Consumption and Risky Sexual Behavior
    Hillary Read
  • Just World Hypothesis and Victim Blaming
    Kyle McKean

Psychology: Sleep and Cognitive Response

  • Attitude Change and Galvanic Skin Response when Presented with a Cognitive Dissonance Argument
    Alberto Pérez Arroyo
  • The Effects of White Noise on Stroop Test Performance
    Stephanie Campbell
  • Does Sleep and Anxiety Affect Eyewitness Testimony?
    Kayla E. Goldsmith
  • Authority Levels, Sleep, and the Misinformation Effect
    Kyle R. Noddin


  • Synthesis of 2, 2-Difluorinated-[6]-Gingerol Using Selective C-C Bond Cleavage
    Bi Youan Eric Tra | Presentation Slides
  • Pluto: A Summary of Data from the New Horizons Spacecraft
    Gabrielle Robbins | Video Presentation

Undergraduate Posters

  • Allison Hall Computer Rooms
    Charles Jacobs, Conan Hooker Humphries, & Kalkidan Gebrehiwot
  • Biomechanics during Lower Extremity Functional Tests in Female Collegiate Athletes Related to Knee Valgus
    Sierra Swasey
  • Cape Fear Valley Medication Return Process Improvement
    Alex Kachler & Thembela Shebangu
  • Case Analysis from Anne Chesnutt Middle School
    Serena Harper-Smith
  • Case Analysis from Connections of Cumberland County
    Lakeshia Holmes
  • Case Analysis from Fayetteville Area Operation Inasmuch
    Gregory Sampson
  • Case Analysis from Fayetteville Urban Ministry Find-a-Friend
    Julie Lucas
  • Case Analysis from Fayetteville Urban Ministry
    Joshbekashah Morris
  • Case Analysis from The Care Clinic
    Kandus Fulmore
  • Case Analysis of Guardian Ad Litem Child
    Kiara Brown
  • Case Analysis on Making Proud Choices! as presented by Teen Connections, in partnership with Planned Parenthood
    Jessica Moretz
  • Comparing Muscle Activation Sequence and Force Production during Sumo and Conventional Deadifts
    Nicholas Lee, Michael DeWitt, & Kevin Hall
  • Cramer’s Rule and its Application to an n x n Matrix System
    Hamza Boubacar Kassomou
  • Detection of Blood Concealed by Paint
    Lisa Kasamba & Catia Dombaxe
  • Determination of Ephedrine and Methylhexanamine in Weight Loss Supplements Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) and Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (H-NMR)
    Catia Dombaxe
  • Exercise and Literary Reading Comprehension: An Alternative to Sedentary Studying
    Jack O’Malley
  • Fibonacci Sequence and Numbers
    Felipe Bautista
  • Food Insecurity: Hunger for an Education
    Fredlisha Lansana
  • Hendricks Science Parking Lot and Sidewalk Flooding
    Kit Allman, LaMont Murray, Elijah Cutler, & Seth Wilson
  • Knee Extensor Torque and Muscle Activity Differently Relate to Landing Strategies in Female Collegiate Athletes
    Nathan Whicker & Sierra Swasey
  • L’Hôpital’s Rule
    Kelby West
  • Longest Nature Trail
    Ian Davis, Jesse Leyble, Geremy McNeill, & Drew Topoly
  • Parking
    Riley Caudle, Tyree Brown, Andrew Bradshaw, & Jaquan Hayes
  • Patient Flow in Operating Room
    Mohammed Mahdi & Busani Mhlanga
  • Pauline Longest Nature Trail
    Steven Harris, Colby Cox, Sean Coleman, & Allen Moore
  • Reciprocal Walker
    Keith Hardie & Natasha Ng’ambi
  • Shot Speed and Accuracy for Men’s Lacrosse: Overhead, Sidearm and Underhand Shots
    Dakota Gross & Hunter Vaughan
  • The Four Color Problem
    Aiden Sherry
  • Trigonometric Functions
    Yitong Zhang
  • Venn Diagrams
    Wade Jackson

Third Annual Nursing Research & Community Symposium